What MRRA Does:

  1. Lobby for WTE Advancement
  2. Provide operational and training resources
  3. Advocate and educate about WTE benefits

MRRA 2023 Legislative Session Priorities

Maintain the integrity of solid waste management hierarchy as defined by Minn. Stat. §115A.02 and support working with all stakeholders to:

  • Reduce the amount of waste generated;
  • Reduce the toxicity of waste;
  • Separate and recover materials and energy from waste; and
  • Reduce dependence on landfilling.

Allocate all revenue generated by the Solid Waste Management Tax (SWMT) to waste management activities and increasing SCORE funding.

Advance product stewardship programs for problem materials and special wastes (wastes having heightened potential for environmental harm or danger/difficulty in processing) that limit the adverse impact of burdensome and dangerous materials in the waste stream.

Oppose any attempt to remove waste-to-energy as an “eligible energy technology” that can contribute to meeting a utility’s renewable energy standards. (Minn. Stat. §216B.1691).

Support legislative efforts that advance environmental justice in solid waste systems by ensuring full and fair participation in the planning and execution, equally sharing in the benefits, and mitigating the disproportionate adverse impacts.

Learn more about MRRA from our presentation at the 2022 RAM/SWANA Conference.


MRRA members enjoy access to specialized and required training, annual educational workshops, quarterly meetings, facility tours and much more.