About MRRA

Minnesota Resource Recovery Association members are key to state-wide waste management. Our facilities operate primarily in rural MN counties (Blue Earth, Olmsted, Otter Tail, Polk, Pope, Douglas, Goodhue) as well as the metro counties of Washington and Hennepin. Many member waste to energy (WTE) facilities have significant roles within the counties, either directly or through joint powers agreements. They provide waste management solutions for the counties they operate in and surrounding areas.

Commitment to Community

MRRA is committed to working together to promote zero-waste, advance product stewardship programs, and we pledge to work with legislators and community leaders to advance environmental justice (“EJ”) and address community concerns. Many member counties have aggressive solid waste plans to reduce waste, provide regional solutions, increase recycling rates, and increase equity to staff and patrons. They also play an important role in state-wide goals to reach zero waste.

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