Serving Minnesota

MRRA member resource recovery facilities have a presence in roughly 34 Minnesota counties. There are four types of resource recovery facilities in the state, each providing unique resource needs:


Combined material recovery facility (MRF) and waste-to-energy facilities

Facilities that recover materials and produce energy


Waste-to-energy only plants (no MRF)

Facilities that recover energy (no on-site materials recovery)


MRF and refuse-derived fuel (RDF) only facilities

Facilities that recover materials and produce waste-fuel (no on-site combustion)


Bio-medical only plants

Facilities that process medical and institutional waste

Explore the map below to see Minnesota’s resource recovery facilities and their service areas.

Facility Contacts

Prairie Lakes Municipal Solid Waste Authority (PLMSWA)
Chris McConn   Perham, MN    (218) 998-8904

Hennepin Energy Recovery Center
Dave McNary    Minneapolis, MN    (612) 332-9431

Ramsey/Washington County Waste Processing Facility
Dave Brummel    Newport, MN    (651) 430-6713
Michael Reed     Newport, MN     (651) 266-1160

Olmsted County Waste-to-Energy Facility
Tony Hill     Rochester, MN    (507) 328-7070

Polk County Solid Waste Resource Recovery Plant
Jon Steiner    Fosston, MN    (218) 435-6501

Pope-Douglas Resource Recovery Facility
Steve Vrchota      Alexandria, MN     (320) 763-9340

Red Wing Resource Recovery
Jeff Schneider    Red Wing, MN    (651) 385-3658

Xcel Energy: Red Wing Steam Plant
Brey Maurer    Red Wing, MN    (651) 385-5604

Xcel Energy: Wilmarth Plant
Brey Maurer    Mankato, MN   (651) 385-5604


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